Creative technologist + specialty fabricator + UI developer focused on unconventional applications of advanced and emerging technologies in creative contexts.

I am a chronically curious person with deep passions for creative and scientific inquiry, the natural world, and the mindful application of advanced technologies.

I am always seeking opportunities to imagine, design, and build interesting and engaging projects for meaningful reasons. I especially enjoy helping other creative professionals realize ambitious, innovative projects integrating art and technology.

My specialties and areas of research include:

  • Digital fabrication (3D printing, CNC, and more), using both conventional and experimental methods.
  • Custom electronics design and prototyping using Arduino and Eagle.
  • Computational design using parametric CAD and custom code, particularly focused on the exploration and application of natural processes and forms.
  • Interactive installations, experiences, and exhibits using all of the above.
Currently seeking collaborations, research positions, residencies, or other professional opportunities to apply and further develop my skillset. If you would like to work together, I'd love to hear from you!