Use the MaKey MaKey to make DIY assistive technology for computer access

Added on April 11, 2014

Today I published an Instructable that guides you through the entire process of designing, making, testing and evaluating DIY computer access interfaces using the MaKey MaKey. This is a higher-quality follow-up to some material that I generated last fall for the MaKey MaKey “How-To” Contest, which includes much better photos and drawings, along with lots of links and in-depth information.

Read the guide on Instructables

I’m particularly happy with this Instructable, as it is informed by quite a bit more personal experience and understanding since it’s initial version last fall. I was able to learn about and experience first-hand the professional field of assistive technology (particularly in educational contexts) thanks to a class I took last fall.

I’ve included quite a lot of information based on what I learned, though I spent a good deal of time “translating” a lot of field-specific language into more accessible human-speak. So believe it or not, by following this Instructable you will learn how to complete assistive technology projects in the same way that many professional experts do!

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