3D printing demos and more at the grand opening of Omaha Children’s Museum’s new Makerspace

Added on June 15, 2013

This past Friday the Omaha Children’s Museum officially opened up their brand new Makerspace for kids, and invited me to come out and share some of my work. I showed up with a car full of projects from my last year or so of making, including UNK’s Makerbot Replicator, my own Prusa Mendel 3D printer (with paste extruder) and a small pile of miscellaneous electronics projects and mold-making and casting experiments.

By far the most popular projects were the 3D printers I brought, which is no surprise – they are awesome! I spent the evening printing whistles on the Makerbot Replicator while tweaking my Prusa Mendel to successfully print onto cookies using frosting. I spent the previous week installing all of the electronics for my Prusa Mendel and got it working the night before the event, so it was quite a sight for me to see the thing working!

Below the following photos, you’ll find a couple of cool videos of the first ever successful(-ish) prints using frosting on my 3D printer!

A huge thank you to both the Omaha Children’s Museum for putting all of this together, and special thanks to Tyler Swain, Creative Arts Lead for the Museum for reaching out and inviting me to come out for the event!

Printing in frosting using the Universal Paste Extruder