Multi-touch surface taking shape

Added on February 22, 2011

There has been slow but steady progress on the new multi-touch surface being built for research at UNK. The bulk of the work of designing and fabricating the parts required for the new surface was completed some months ago, but the project was put on the back-burner due to complications in the build process. The project was picked up by Tyler McConville and Adam Zheng.

A layer of Rosco Grey fabric was mounted onto one side of a sheet of EndLighten acrylic using a diluted mixture of Elmer’s Glue and water, which seems to be holding up quite well, with a couple sprays of spray adhesive on some of the edges that were peeling away.

Up next, we’ll be calibrating and mounting a couple of 25mW 850nm IR lasers to the corners of the surface to get some actual input to the system.

A few more things here and there need to be completed, so if you’d like to volunteer to help on this project come see me or send me a message!