RFID-enabled RGB LED lamp – Part 1

Added on February 3, 2010

Very early schematicAs part of my ongoing general research into transparent technology and my specific research for CSIS 495 I am building an RFID-enabled RGB LED lamp. Essentially this project is a manifestation (maybe more of a microcosm) of a larger conceptual idea I am pursuing to try to enable advanced user actions through intuitive experimental user input like gestures, touch or in this case wireless identification. Once the system is made aware of a certain RFID tag (either through hardcoding or post-initialization programming) it will then adjust a powerful RGB LED lamp to match the stored settings that a certain user would prefer.

For example if a user specifically likes a certain shade of blue when they are at their computer they could simply pass their RFID tag (in the form of a card, button, wristband, implant or other compatible 125kHz tag) and the system watch as the lamp immediately adjusts itself to the light values it associates with the tag.

I’ve drawn up a schematic that utilizes an Arduino, some slide pots, a Parallax RFID reader and a 3W RGB LED driven via MOSFETs and run off a separate power supply. Currently I have no funding for this but am anticipating acceptance into the Undergraduate Research Fellowship which would award me with a pretty paltry amount of funding, though enough to begin building this project. Decision on the grant acceptance was supposed to be made Feb 2nd (yesterday), but I have not received word. My summer research project was denied by, I assume, the same committee so this may not happen, though I should still be able to apply for money directly from the undergraduate research council. Oh the joys of doing research at a small university that seems to have a poor opinion of its computer science department (albeit for good reason).